Posted by: Janitor | January 11, 2017

Oil update for Jan 12

I posted this graph on Jan 9 & possible rebound on Jan 10. It didn’t happen yesterday but we have a strong rebound today.

Here is the daily chart of XOIL:


Even though I thought it would rebound as previously, it  has gone as 2nd day as in 2nd arrow from left.  It is a bullish engulfing candle pattern today.  Again, technically we should have another up day.

The problem is many of the US Oil & Gas stocks rebounded with oil uptick but the Canadian ones didn’t. I wanted to but I kept discipline in not chases CPG or ERF on the way down today.  It was about 10 -20 cents different from yesterday.  I like to see a bounce to sell some on the way up in the next 2 days.

Let’s think positive.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 28, 2016

What about Gold

It did go up & some stuff was sold like clockwork – I am talking about $50 in one account and about $150 another.  Simple – no muzz, no fuzz kind of trades. Here is the skinny on that:


First my call option that was purchased @ 2.90, sold at 3.30. So normally you would calculate the difference by $100.  Sorry, can’t say how many contracts.  It is a cheap way of getting in & out of the market.  Even though I buy contracts with 3 months expiry, I sell them pretty quick as I have been burned so many times trying to be Greedy!!! That emotion again.

Now the other stock I like the volatility is NUGT. So bought a bunch around $7.00 and much of that sold for $8.50.  Tight-tight trading range but a profit is a profit. People say – how can you survive on this.  Not looking for home runs remember, every single hit brings you to a home run.


I said I was going to pick up this – check my previous blog, a few days ago. It was @ 0.3. Losing money now and hoping the upward trend maintains. Like to get out on this gold rally.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 20, 2017

AAL.V – did anyone buy with me


Remember, when I said I was nibbling on the pullback. I didn’t buy that much because I didn’t know it will fall some more. I hope you understand the nibbling strategy.

Well, it is going up and in profit.  If you bought with me……………….well, kaching!

From the lithium list, LEXI is pulling back the most:


But, I am stubborn as I like to hit my support of 0.71.  Then I get an alert and then decide if I am buying.  So patience is the key.  Just because a stock pulls back, doesn’t mean you jump right in.  The option is of course the nibbling strategy, i.e. if you want to buy 3000 shares, I buy only 1000 and see if it drops some more and reverses and buy the other 2000.

These are suggestions and not cast in stone. We are going to make mistakes. If you want to be 100% correct every time, the stock market is not for you. Put the money in savings account. The only important thing is…………………..managing risk and preserving capital!!!!!!!!!!!!!  when we make a mistake.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 17, 2017

Spec list for weekend

This is a list for you for over the weekend to research with your charting software and choose which one to buy.  I own GQC.V.  Man, I was looking at ONC.TO earlier to pull the trigger. Look at this today…………..shoulda-coulda-woulda syndrome  🙂


The top 4 is where the MACD Histogram has gone positive.  The blue arrows depict Stochastics cross-over.

Please note these are specs with high risk.  If you like to research – use Stockhouse website which is pretty good for these.

Have a great weekend, even though it is snowing in Calgary.

Happy Trading



Posted by: Janitor | November 17, 2017

Lithium update for Nov 17

I thought I will give a daily update and then review against the list I post and decide what you would like to buy. Here is the daily LIT ETF:


Happy Trading





Posted by: Janitor | November 16, 2017

Lithium update – Nov 16

This is daily chart of the LIT ETF:


So Lithium went up with the market. It is above the box.  Will the box be the support and you “nibble” in this box, as suggested.


Yesterday – I nibbled.  Just in case people are wondering what I mean.  I tried to buy ULI. V back that I sold at 0.60.  I had a bid @ 0.34.  I didn’t get it.

I bought AAL.V. Instead of buying 3 or 4 thousand shares. I bought just 1000. I don’t know if it going to go down or up.  I take a chance of “nibble”. If I am wrong I buy more because I didn’t blow all my cash. If I am right, I have some profit.

LIT.V –  went on a deep dive. I bought some at 0.39 and bought more at 0.35. So doing okay. I look at risk first. Another person saying this is a great buy and goes all in. He guessed right and reaping the rewards today.

It is an individual choice. No one dictates what you do. For those who nibbled – kaching!

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 15, 2017

LIT Sector – watch this space

Don’t dismiss this little gem I am giving you for guidance.  We made a lot of money with the list and we can do it again.


Watch what happens each day – how the price candles move up or down below this box.  If it breaks below the box, the next support is around 36.5. This pullback is an opportunity for me to buy some that I sold.  I am not blowing all my cash.  I am going to buy more if it hits my support.

I will be watching closely. The cascade started with the pullback in the overall markets. Certain stocks in the Lithium space is having a healthy pullback. If you need more confirmation to LIT ETF, look at ALB which is highest producer for refining Lithium.

There is talk of Chinese getting into the Lithium market but I think the demand far outweighs the supply for now.  So watch this space.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 15, 2017

Oil – we loved it, now what?


You have seen this chart before.  We were about to break through the top line of this regression channel. Then………………..boom!  Profit taking happens.  The overbought stochastics would have given you a hint to sell.

Now you know why I sell on the way up and buy on the way down.  Could I make more profits or lose out on some big moves…………..YES! Do I regret it?  Yes, I cry a little but I should be happy with some profit than a big loss!

So is this over. If it breaks through the bottom line I will be very worried.  However, I think like anything else – what goes down, goes up. Wait for a turnaround to pick some stocks that you missed buying the last time.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 14, 2017

HEMP.V – keeps on ticking

If you are still holding the stock – well done.  Hope you remember to buy me a drink 🙂


Those who didn’t look back to previous posts.  I may have lost someone some money along the way.  But……………look at this when I called a buy.   Anyway, hope I can find you stocks like this.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 14, 2017

Lithium – pullback gives opps?

I asked you to watch the LIT ETF as it was going to hit the high. Expected this pullback while I was away.  However, it is important to watch what happens in this space:


Basically the whole list is pullback.  What you need to do is watch for the turnaround. If you can’t wait as you are busy – look for a stock you like and willing to buy at a specific price & “nibble”.  Meaning buy small portions on the way down.

For example ULI.V:


I sold some at 0.60 and now it is coming down & I still own some. I set an alert to see if it breaks 0.5.  It may or it may not.  If I want to be little more certain – this is coming down from an overbought condition.  I am watching for the ETF to turnaround, then, I will see how the indicators – stochastics, MACD, etc, including volume.

Volume has to be small when it is coming down and if I see the stochastics turnaround, I could pull the trigger.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 13, 2017

XLP – money flowing in as per forecast


Number of blogs ago I recommended getting into the beaten up sector XLP – I told you this before Big Money started moving in.

Now look at the Chg1 week – Positive.  Please go back when I blocked and you will see hoe bad this sector was doing.  For those who took heed and started moving in this sector, look at the gains.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 13, 2017

Marijuana stocks – raking in!!!


Those who believed in this Janitor…………………..welcome to KACHING! Land.  Between Lithium and Marijuana stocks I have been recommending for some time now in your portfolio will be singing higher and higher by now.

Enjoy your profits. It is up to you when to sell.

Happy Trading


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