Posted by: Janitor | January 11, 2017

Oil update for Jan 12

I posted this graph on Jan 9 & possible rebound on Jan 10. It didn’t happen yesterday but we have a strong rebound today.

Here is the daily chart of XOIL:


Even though I thought it would rebound as previously, it  has gone as 2nd day as in 2nd arrow from left.  It is a bullish engulfing candle pattern today.  Again, technically we should have another up day.

The problem is many of the US Oil & Gas stocks rebounded with oil uptick but the Canadian ones didn’t. I wanted to but I kept discipline in not chases CPG or ERF on the way down today.  It was about 10 -20 cents different from yesterday.  I like to see a bounce to sell some on the way up in the next 2 days.

Let’s think positive.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 28, 2016

What about Gold

It did go up & some stuff was sold like clockwork – I am talking about $50 in one account and about $150 another.  Simple – no muzz, no fuzz kind of trades. Here is the skinny on that:


First my call option that was purchased @ 2.90, sold at 3.30. So normally you would calculate the difference by $100.  Sorry, can’t say how many contracts.  It is a cheap way of getting in & out of the market.  Even though I buy contracts with 3 months expiry, I sell them pretty quick as I have been burned so many times trying to be Greedy!!! That emotion again.

Now the other stock I like the volatility is NUGT. So bought a bunch around $7.00 and much of that sold for $8.50.  Tight-tight trading range but a profit is a profit. People say – how can you survive on this.  Not looking for home runs remember, every single hit brings you to a home run.


I said I was going to pick up this – check my previous blog, a few days ago. It was @ 0.3. Losing money now and hoping the upward trend maintains. Like to get out on this gold rally.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | May 13, 2018

BNS & RY – bank stocks

Have posted several times these stocks and timed the buys.

Both stocks are doing well – so, for those who bought based on the timing I published, you are doing well in growth as well as income or dividends.  I think these stocks will go higher towards at the end of the year.



Those who bought – congrats!!!  I own both these bank stocks and accumulating.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | May 13, 2018

Greetings from Far East

After putting more than 15,000 km, I finally had a chance to blog.   So greetings from the Far East.  It is difficult to keep up while travelling so much.  I hope all your trades are working well.

Will try to post when I get a chance.  I need time to do some analysis first.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | April 27, 2018

T2108 – end of week April 27

As the market is fluctuating today – not sure how it will end but lets look at direction just based on technicals.


I drew a line to show trend.  As the weeks had up & downs – we still see a trend which is rather obvious.

If nothing happens in terms of sudden changes from the Feds or the Moron-in-chief in the White House, we will see the direction could be up next week.

Currently, I am selling anything in green for cash.  The 10-year and the dollar is moving up which causes the markets to retract.  There is talk of recession and this could happen if the rates are increased too fast and too high.

CNBC analysts are putting down the Feds for artificially keeping markets up and adding fuel.  Personally, I think the Feds have done a great job. They are trying very hard to keep the markets and growth steady around the globe and trying to get inflation higher, to prevent stagflation. It is not easy to keep this Goldilocks effect – not too hot and not too cold.

I identify my long term investment stocks and short term trades.  I sell my short term trades as the top line in T2108 is hit and buy them back when the price goes down to bottom line or accumulate long term investment stocks.  Just keep them simple.

I will leaving for the Far East to do some work – so the next 3 months blogs going to be very sporadic as I am travelling to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Vietnam on business.  Will try to post on the markets and oil, etc by end of today.

Wishing you a wonderful summer and hope all your trades are successful.

Happy Trading


Posted by: Janitor | April 26, 2018

BNS – did Janitor make right call

A few blogs ago – I wrote on adding to my BNS position, i.e. accumulating for dividends.  You have to do a search on BNS to get the previous blog.  Then, check the chart where there price was.

Now here is the BNS daily chart:


Anyone who bought BNS…………………………….Kaching!

If it goes down, I will continue to keep buying.  The next dividend is in July. Anyone wanting the dividend should hold stock before ex-dividend date.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | April 25, 2018

RY.TO – did your trade work today

Even though you are working and don’t have time to buy or sell, you could set your trade at night and it works!!!!

So let me post a little more detail on how it works and I have also mentioned going to a lower time frame to as well.

Here goes with daily chart and then a hourly chart and you will see what I mean:


So the stock came in and then if you had set your trade – it would have filled.  If you keep looking for the low always – you would have missed it.  I used the top of the doji candle which is normally a reversal candle on a downtrend.  Then, here is the hourly chart:


Having done technical analysis for years, I keep learning new skills and applying them.  Passing on a lot of pearls to family and friends and readers of this blog.  If you prefer some other stock – the same technics apply.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | April 24, 2018

RY.TO – what happens when markets go against you

OK – you missed the buy on the low and stock went up yesterday but down today.  Howe do we manage this trade.

  • First if you bought last week – should you panic.  No…………….I will personally leave it, unless I am buying more.
  • So let’s look at the trade in detail using the daily chart. Why did the stock go down is because the 10-yr yield on the Treasury hit 3.00 % for the first time in a long time.
  • So what to do?


If I missed the last time and like to get into this trade, I will be waiting until it breaks my support and buy.

If I have some stock and want to buy more, I will again buy when the price comes down.

This stock pays a good dividend – so no panic.  One day a trend does not make. With rise in interest rate, the  financials go up. So, I am not concerned.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | April 23, 2018

TBR.V – spec stock

This is a stock we have bought and sold a couple of times.

I saw it pop up to about 0.15 – then I forgot to post as I was doing other stuff.  Anyway, here is the daily chart:


The support is 0.10 and hopefully, it pulls back to about 15.  All indicators this could go higher – high vol. MACD and MACD Histogram and stochastics.

Again – spec stock, only use winnings to buy this. High risk.

Happy Trading


Posted by: Janitor | April 23, 2018

RY.TO – it is up today

Here is my story.  So I was giving a workshop at Church on Saturday for new investors – many have not invested in the market at all.

Using the chart of Royal Bank, I was explaining over the years this stock has been good for growth and dividends (income).

On the technical analysis – I predicted Royal Bank was going higher – this was based on the chart using price of Friday.  This was using the indicators of MACD and MACD Histogram.  I guess my reputation is intact as the stock is up today !!!  Whew 🙂


However, people have to realize that Technical Analysis is possibility and not certainty.  However, if you own this stock as I have – you can wait out whether it goes up or goes down because they pay you a quarterly dividend.  I also signed up this stock for Dividend Re-Investment Plan or DRIP, i.e. the dividend is paid in stock, thus saving you commissions.
When you need the money, change it on-line to pay dividends instead. Then use the dividends for to enjoy.

If you have an emergency you can sell a number of shares above your core holdings.

What do I mean – you want to maintain a base core of 500 shares for dividend income.  If the price is above your average price and you have 615 shares, sell 115 shares to take care of the emergency.  Then, the stock price drops to support – start buying back.

Hope this strategy helps.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | April 23, 2018

T2108 – start of the week


Start of the week – we are still on the uptrend after a late last week on a pullback.

First to watch – the market opened just at or slightly above the “weekly” candle, not the daily candle. We need to see this close above the last week’s close.  From weekly you can watch the daily. In my books, the macro view of weekly is more important.

Those new to the blog – I use the T2108 to gauge the direction of the market.  The MACD Histogram – bars are getting bigger and Stochastics on the up and so is MACD.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | April 20, 2018

ACB – what are the options

Those who bought on my earlier blog, you are in the money.  So “Kaching” ring the register of hold on is always a conundrum.  So here is the daily chart:


Options are:

  • Put a stop loss so you don’t lose your profits
  • If it breaks through 9:00 price, we are looking at a target of the Fibonacci retracement, i.e. whether is 33% or 66% depending on where you drop it from.
  • Use a personal moving average, 5, 10 or 15 as a guide to put a trailing stop
  • Sell some and take back your initial investment and let the rest run.

Choices only each individual could make.  What I did was sell covered calls and made some money.  Again, learn to use Option – Covered Call.

I sold my at $9 strike expiring in July for more than a $1.  That means it could be assigned when ACB goes over $10. I don’t mind because getting some cash from the stock and the option price.  This is another way to play it.

Happy Trading

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