Posted by: Janitor | January 11, 2017

Oil update for Jan 12

I posted this graph on Jan 9 & possible rebound on Jan 10. It didn’t happen yesterday but we have a strong rebound today.

Here is the daily chart of XOIL:


Even though I thought it would rebound as previously, it  has gone as 2nd day as in 2nd arrow from left.  It is a bullish engulfing candle pattern today.  Again, technically we should have another up day.

The problem is many of the US Oil & Gas stocks rebounded with oil uptick but the Canadian ones didn’t. I wanted to but I kept discipline in not chases CPG or ERF on the way down today.  It was about 10 -20 cents different from yesterday.  I like to see a bounce to sell some on the way up in the next 2 days.

Let’s think positive.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 28, 2016

What about Gold

It did go up & some stuff was sold like clockwork – I am talking about $50 in one account and about $150 another.  Simple – no muzz, no fuzz kind of trades. Here is the skinny on that:


First my call option that was purchased @ 2.90, sold at 3.30. So normally you would calculate the difference by $100.  Sorry, can’t say how many contracts.  It is a cheap way of getting in & out of the market.  Even though I buy contracts with 3 months expiry, I sell them pretty quick as I have been burned so many times trying to be Greedy!!! That emotion again.

Now the other stock I like the volatility is NUGT. So bought a bunch around $7.00 and much of that sold for $8.50.  Tight-tight trading range but a profit is a profit. People say – how can you survive on this.  Not looking for home runs remember, every single hit brings you to a home run.


I said I was going to pick up this – check my previous blog, a few days ago. It was @ 0.3. Losing money now and hoping the upward trend maintains. Like to get out on this gold rally.

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Posted by: Janitor | January 19, 2018

NAL.TO – chance to buy back?

With the rig count going up, Oil is coming down and so is NAL.

I sold this too early and like to buy back. Here is the chart:


Like to see this hit 1.17 and then put a bid in.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | January 19, 2018

ACB.TO – how to recover from mistake

Shouldn’t rush to trade when you are not prepared.  I was late to my trading desk and without thinking. I decided to sell 100 shares of ACB for a profit @ 13.60.

Instead I accidently bought 100 shares @ 13.47.  I wanted to recover from my mistake to sell immediately.  Divine intervention – I lost connection to Scotia site.

It gave me pause to rethink. So I cancelled the sell order immediately and went into options.  People were buying the Feb 16 calls @ 0.90 strike price of $14.00.

So……………I sold 2 calls and the money was credited to my account. Selling covered calls saved my sleepy stupid trade.

Folks – you can ask your broker to give you a level 2 in options at least to trade “options” to do something like this.

I am sharing this with you to think about and giving a helping hand.

So what if ACB goes over 14.  For people to exercise their calls will require at close to $15 and time-decay in options  is your friend.

Like I said previously – you can keep selling these options and pocket money.  I have $180 before commissions to take my wife for a nice movie and dinner.

Basically, I am done for the day in trading by recovering from a mistake.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | January 18, 2018

KC.V – tough trying to make a decision


I can’t make up my mind. It hit my support and I didn’t pull the trigger. Putting this out there if anyone else is interested.

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Posted by: Janitor | January 18, 2018

Lithium & ULI.V

First the Lithium Stocks – some are down and some are up.


I already own AAL.V and I am looking to buy ULI.V somewhere around 0.35 to 0.39.


Blew it up so you can see.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | January 17, 2018

TK.V – buying back this zinc play

I bought this and sold it @ 0.75 and bought again @ 0.69.  Zinc has been going up and by all estimates, it will go higher.

Commodities will rise with global growth. Not sure why Fatty Donny is trumping up he is responsible for global growth. Dumb ass!!!

Anyway, here is the chart:


I was even nice and looked up the chart of Zinc for you:


Anyway, it is your call going forward.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | January 17, 2018

VIX – Volatility is increasing

As much as the markets are frothy (I think), I don’t think anyone anticipated this.  The counter-point is – remember 2008 market meltdown – not many anticipated as well. There are more arguments about market going either direction.  But………………………..I watch this:


Volatility increase the last 2 days.  I would watch this carefully before making decisions.

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Posted by: Janitor | January 15, 2018

Marijuana Stocks – what a difference a week makes

Here is the list – there a few additions. As I research and find them, I add. Look at the difference of the list from last week to this week. All from red to green.


The American stocks not updated.

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Posted by: Janitor | January 15, 2018

Why Natgas could go higher


Here is the weekly graph of the bullish ETF. First look at the volume and I drew a line to show increasing volume.  Net after the Stochastics crossed over, the price is going higher – don’t worry about the red candle but higher highs and higher lows.

The reason for me to buy gas stocks after listening on BNN.  Taking time to blog & I hope this helps before market opens tomorrow.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | January 15, 2018

My new O&G 2018 List

Since US Market was down, I decided to listen to Josef on BNN today.  He is into O&G. I like what he was saying and I checked the charts and I bought some today – CR, BIR and BNP.

If he is right on Natgas going up because of the cold weather, gas stocks will go up and the drawdown on storage is reported. The EIA report on Natgas is this Thursday.

These are scrapping the bottom so the downside has less risk.  I always look at the risk first!!

I hope this helps you too:


Unfortunately, I can’t buy all.  I do own BXE.  These buys are short term for a quick profit as I am overweight in O&G.  So I had sell some of my CPG for this.

It would help to listen to this guy tonight as BNN sessions are repeated. His stop picks are CR, BXE and BNP.   The SNV.V is an Indonesian play.  I have an itch to buy 🙂 as I have worked there and it depends on the contract they sign with the Government so highly speculative.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | January 15, 2018

Strategy from Janitor’s desk

This is a live example on how to execute and make money……………literally guaranteed money.  However, you will need to understand Covered Call Options.

Last Friday, I bought 200 shares ACB.TO @ 10.40.  Over the weekend, lots of chatter on TV on Marijuana Stocks.  I walked into my man cave and put in a bid to buy more ACB.TO another 200 shares @ 10.01.  Today, I was lucky the price dropped and my stock was filled at 9.01. Don’t ask me how this happens, this has happened before. Lucky break.

Stock price of ACB goes over $11. I could have sold the 200 that I bought this morning and sold them currently and pocket $200.  Most people would do this for a quick profit.

Here is an alternative strategy:

I looked up Call Options for Feb 16/18  and the Bid = 1.00 and Ask = 1.10.  I sold 2 contracts Covered Calls @ $13 Strike.  Meaning – I am willing to forward sell my 200 shares @ $13.00.  By doing this I am able to pocket $200 immediately before commissions.  If the stock goes over $13 before Feb 16 and I can assigned – meaning the person who bought the contracts wants to take the shares – go ahead.

So my profit of 200 shares that I bought this morning @ 9.01 is:

$13 – 9.01 = 798 + 200 in covered calls = $998.

Isn’t this beautiful!

Now if the price is around $13, I get to pocket the $200 and also keep my shares.

  1. Now if the price drops below $10, I could buy another 200 shares and repeat the process.  
  2. Feb 16 or so if the price of ACB is $13, I could sell covered calls say for $16 strike price and pocket what the Covered Call price is

Isn’t this beautiful again!!!

If you own these shares in your account, what the bank does is they sell the options and they pocket the money.  Similarly, your Financial Advisors who own many of the stocks you have in the Portfolio are used this way and he/she pockets the money.

It is beautiful for them!!!

REMEMBER you can sell covered calls on the Optionable stocks you own in your RRSP and TFSA.  Just don’t let them sit and do nothing. Make these stocks work for you.

Happy Trading



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