Posted by: Janitor | January 11, 2017

Oil update for Jan 12

I posted this graph on Jan 9 & possible rebound on Jan 10. It didn’t happen yesterday but we have a strong rebound today.

Here is the daily chart of XOIL:


Even though I thought it would rebound as previously, it  has gone as 2nd day as in 2nd arrow from left.  It is a bullish engulfing candle pattern today.  Again, technically we should have another up day.

The problem is many of the US Oil & Gas stocks rebounded with oil uptick but the Canadian ones didn’t. I wanted to but I kept discipline in not chases CPG or ERF on the way down today.  It was about 10 -20 cents different from yesterday.  I like to see a bounce to sell some on the way up in the next 2 days.

Let’s think positive.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 28, 2016

What about Gold

It did go up & some stuff was sold like clockwork – I am talking about $50 in one account and about $150 another.  Simple – no muzz, no fuzz kind of trades. Here is the skinny on that:


First my call option that was purchased @ 2.90, sold at 3.30. So normally you would calculate the difference by $100.  Sorry, can’t say how many contracts.  It is a cheap way of getting in & out of the market.  Even though I buy contracts with 3 months expiry, I sell them pretty quick as I have been burned so many times trying to be Greedy!!! That emotion again.

Now the other stock I like the volatility is NUGT. So bought a bunch around $7.00 and much of that sold for $8.50.  Tight-tight trading range but a profit is a profit. People say – how can you survive on this.  Not looking for home runs remember, every single hit brings you to a home run.


I said I was going to pick up this – check my previous blog, a few days ago. It was @ 0.3. Losing money now and hoping the upward trend maintains. Like to get out on this gold rally.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | July 25, 2017

CPG – bought some, sold some


Not very exciting but few bucks is a few bucks in the pocket.  Better than a poke in the eye by these oil stocks.  Can’t go for some home runs as we used to in the good old days!

Bought some yesterday and selling some today.  If you are in the oil market, I take profits wherever I can.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | July 24, 2017

MAW.TO – posted July 6


I posted this on July 6.  Please check back.  So if you bought it anywhere from 0.32 – 0.35, today you are up > 12 %.

Not bad!  Now, when you sell it is your business.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | July 24, 2017

My EFL.TO story


On July 13, this stock spikes up with volume which my scan picks up.  I was able to pick up this stock @ 1.18.  On the same day – it goes to 1.35 and I could have pocketed about $150.   Nooooooo, I got greedy and thought it could go higher to about 1.60 and get out. It did go higher but started coming down.

You can see all the indicators – Stochastics, MACD and MACD Histogram all pushed me into buying the stock.

I didn’t post because it was over $1.  Next I will put out there any stock I plan to buy or buying.

However, I think it is consolidating. Today I could have bought back @ 1.16 if I sold the first day.  But look at the volume – it is very small selling & it is forming a bullish wedge.

In a case like this – do you make a quick profit?  OR let this play out more.  I think it would depend on your strategy,  i.e. mine is day-trading and making a quick buck.  I failed.  GREED!  There may be redemption yet 🙂

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | July 24, 2017

REMX – should we keep an eye

First the weekly chart:


This came up to top my list.  It is a weekly chart and breaking previous high.  It used to be one of the hottest sector at one time.  Is this coming into favour now?

Looking for Canadian stocks in this sector was not very good.  Most of the stocks have been put to “rest” or non-existent.  However, there are several in the US market.  I only found one that you could keep in an eye.


I would watch the ETF and see how it is going before I take a plunge in these type of stocks.  These metals are essential in Smart Phones and other “Smart” devices.  Any word of shortage could make these stocks take off.

At this point – keep an eye.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | July 20, 2017

REN.V – bid in today


Trying to pick this up @ 0.265.  I may have to up the bid.  4 Indicators say it is a buy for me  – Stochastics, MACD & MACD Histogram & Volume.  The 50 ma is not in play.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | July 20, 2017

Oil & CPG today

Oil pulled back after a run.  However, these things happen.

CPG hit 10.00 today!

If you have been following my posts on Oil, you would have made some coin.

I know it is hard to trust/believe what this Janitor says.  However, I don’t have to right 100% of the time.  I just have to be right 3 out of 5 and still make money. The case in point – if you had bought CPG or any other oil stock, you would have made some money.

There is couple of things to watch for :

  • Saudi export to US is down
  • Venezuela oil production is tanking
  • Summer driving will reduce inventories in US
  • Hurricane could shutdown Gulf of Mexico production

I will be looking to buy back after I sold on the way up.

Happy Trading


Posted by: Janitor | July 19, 2017

WDG.V – lookup previous blog posts

This will have significant meaning based on previous posts. So please do a search. As I have said – this stock has been a money maker for us.

I don’t own it as I sold it before I left on vacation but I had left the alert. So I get an alert of it hitting 0.50.  The question is did some of you buy it.  If so…………kaching!!!


As I find some spec stocks, I will try to post.  But, as a take-away, look at the following indicators of a winner:

  1. Stochastics crosses over
  2. MACD crosses over
  3. MACD Histogram goes positive
  4. Stock crosses the 50 MA
  5. High volume

Keep these in mind when you select the next winning stock. Hope this helps.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | July 19, 2017

XOIL & CPG – continuation update

First the DAILY chart of XOIL:

I have been posting the weekly chart and here is the daily chart.  As you can see the price has broken through the 50 ma.  Technically, this is a good thing.  I hope the momentum up of oil continues.


Here is the CPG.  So who bought with me about 9.00 is in the money.  I am taking some profits as it is wise to do so.  It is not much around 30 – 40 bucks.  It could go higher but I take profits on the way up.  and for some reason it comes down.  I will buy back.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | July 17, 2017

URA – will it repeat & go > 16.00

What made me look at URA?  I have DML & LAM – which I am losing money on 😦

Today – I see the stocks are moving up so I took a peek at URA.

So here is the weekly chart:


Sure enough it is creeping up and will the momentum continue is a question? I see it is touching the 50 MA and if that is broken through, I have my own alert line.  I am not buying because I already own & I don’t plan to average down either.  Those who don’t own any may want to take a look for a short term trade.

On the daily – the stochastics are in overbought zone.  So – could there be a pullback on Uranium stocks? Individual stocks are just moving up with volume.  You have to make that decision.

Does URA impact individual stocks.  Here is a spec.  What do you think?


Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | July 17, 2017

XOIL – for July 17

It is Monday & I thought I will give a heads-up on oil.  I understand this is still volatile but it doesn’t mean you can’t make money – trading!

First the chart:


I lost the old regression lines when I updated to a new TC2000. However, here is the regression lines from April 2017.  If you look at this – oil has been going sideways and the price candles are within the lines. It is now below the middle line.

The stochastics crossed-over (bullish signal), the MACD is about to cross-over (bullish signal) and MACD Histogram (still in bearish zone).  Do note – this is a macro view using a weekly chart.

Signals indicate oil could go higher. I have been talking about this for the last 2 weeks.  I made a little profit – not much but I still have oil & gas stocks.

What to watch for is if price moves above the middle line or break $50/bbl, what I call a psychological barrier.  Too many people follow the Baker Hughes rig count and saying US oil production is going higher.  On the contrary, having worked in the Bakken, the wells have a sharp decline. I don’t know of the Permian.

As Trump is opening up export of US oil and gas – this is good news from Canada. Bad news for Russia.  However, we need those pipelines to tide-water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, especially to the Pacific Ocean.

Happy Trading

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