Posted by: Janitor | January 11, 2017

Oil update for Jan 12

I posted this graph on Jan 9 & possible rebound on Jan 10. It didn’t happen yesterday but we have a strong rebound today.

Here is the daily chart of XOIL:


Even though I thought it would rebound as previously, it  has gone as 2nd day as in 2nd arrow from left.  It is a bullish engulfing candle pattern today.  Again, technically we should have another up day.

The problem is many of the US Oil & Gas stocks rebounded with oil uptick but the Canadian ones didn’t. I wanted to but I kept discipline in not chases CPG or ERF on the way down today.  It was about 10 -20 cents different from yesterday.  I like to see a bounce to sell some on the way up in the next 2 days.

Let’s think positive.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | November 28, 2016

What about Gold

It did go up & some stuff was sold like clockwork – I am talking about $50 in one account and about $150 another.  Simple – no muzz, no fuzz kind of trades. Here is the skinny on that:


First my call option that was purchased @ 2.90, sold at 3.30. So normally you would calculate the difference by $100.  Sorry, can’t say how many contracts.  It is a cheap way of getting in & out of the market.  Even though I buy contracts with 3 months expiry, I sell them pretty quick as I have been burned so many times trying to be Greedy!!! That emotion again.

Now the other stock I like the volatility is NUGT. So bought a bunch around $7.00 and much of that sold for $8.50.  Tight-tight trading range but a profit is a profit. People say – how can you survive on this.  Not looking for home runs remember, every single hit brings you to a home run.


I said I was going to pick up this – check my previous blog, a few days ago. It was @ 0.3. Losing money now and hoping the upward trend maintains. Like to get out on this gold rally.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | September 22, 2017

LIT.V – hope someone bought this


This is in the list of Lithium stocks.  As you see when I put the “N” which is following.  Number of times I wanted to pull the trigger so let me cry………….every time I see this.

However, I hope one of you did, as you would have doubled your money…………………, Kaching!!!

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | September 22, 2017

CVX – what if you had a long term strategy

Here is the daily chart of Chevron – CVX.  I understand it is difficult when dire warnings are issued, lay-offs happening all over the place.  But, staying on a course or strategy and this is the reward.


There may be a pull back.  When analysts on CNBC start talking of a hot oil sector. You know some profit taking will take place.

Not just on CVX but other stocks you have in mind.

Happy Trading


Posted by: Janitor | September 22, 2017

CYX.V – did someone buy

This was blogged on the list of Marijuana stocks.


Did someone buy this?  Double your money.  It is pulling back and may give you another chance.

However, keep the discipline and set your support line and alert and if it crosses down and the indicators tell you to buy, then pull the trigger.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | September 21, 2017

COP – how to make lots more money

Here is a strategy that I have learned and making money with this with other stocks but I have friends who are still working or laid off still holding COP stocks.

Say you were given options to buy stocks at $48.   If you exercise, you are getting a little money and you are waiting for a higher price.


  1.  Make sure you own the stocks in your trading account – say 300 shares
  2. Ask your broker to option trade, at least a level 2
  3. Currently the asking price of Nov 17 call is about 1.06 with a strike price of $50.00
  4. You want to sell a covered call 3 contracts for the 300 shares.  A lot of 100 shares is 1 contract.
  5. If some buys these contracts your account is credited $300 US, say after commissions of the 0.06 cents is used.
  6. By Nov 17, if the price does not go over $50, you just pocket the $300 USD.  If the stock goes up over $50 and someone wants to exercise the contract and buys 300 shares you pocket the difference between $48 & $50, i.e. $600.
  7. So you are ahead $900 instead of selling your shares and making $0.51 X 300 shares.

Go & learn options, especially covered calls and make money.  If you have stocks that are optionable you can do this.  If you are not doing, your brokerage firm is – they take your stocks and lend it someone else for shorting, or option trading, etc.  Instead of they being the market maker, you become the market maker and make money while your stocks are sitting in your account.

These are pearls I am giving you as the banks and brokerage houses don’t tell you about this strategy is because they are using your stocks in your accounts – doesn’t matter it is in your cash, RRSP or TFSA – making money using them.

So if your Financial Advisor is “not charging” you for his/her services is because the banks or the person make a ton load of money using your stocks.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | September 20, 2017

PGF – sold some today


Sold some today & will sell more as it moves higher.  I sell into the rally.  Those who bought with me based on previous blogs…………………….Kaching!!!

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | September 20, 2017

SNL.V bought some on a pullback


Waited & waited to pick this up @ 0.11……………………………so, finally picked it up today @ 0.13 on this tiny pullback.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | September 20, 2017

BNS – hope you bought

I have been blogging on BNS when it was down.  Now reap the rewards if you bought:


I have been accumulating and the stock dividend is some time beginning of October.  I usually put the date on my chart to notify me.  However, check it out if you own the stock.  The yield is just over 4% last I checked.

Oops – before I forget………………..Kaching!!!  🙂

Happy Trading


Posted by: Janitor | September 20, 2017

XOP – it is bullish

I have been bullish on oil for some time.  I hope you have listened to this Janitor.  If you have – you are making mullahs (money) not talking about the turbaned clerics.


Here is the daily chart of XOP and money has been rotating out of other sectors where people have been profiting too much and taking the money and putting to sectors that have been downtrodden.

Timing is in the charts.  Don’t listen to so called “experts” out there.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | September 20, 2017

Marijuana stocks

I have posted this before.  In case – you are watching the stocks have been moving up.


I am using the same techniques as the Lithium list.  Waiting for a pullback on Lithium stocks as many are hot.  They always pullback for an opportunity to buy.

Again look for tick marks.  The first column is the MACD Histogram going positive.  2nd column is Stochastics crossing over & 3rd is oversold.  The others like surge, volume, etc. are extra.

If I happen to see on this, Lithium and gold miner stocks, I will post.

Happy Trading

Posted by: Janitor | September 20, 2017

MLY.V – not good!!


This is not working for me.  However, all gold spec stocks are down.  So I didn’t sell off this & see – if there is a turnaround with gold.  Otherwise, will  sell this at a loss.

Have to lose – now & then  😦

Happy Trading

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